Look out for the SwiftSafe padlock icon to show which apps and websites are safe. Any apps or websites with the padlock somewhere on their website (usually at the footer of the site) means:

  • •The website or app is completely safe and appropriate for kids,
  • •The app or website has been reviewed by SwiftSafe's moderation team,
  • •No data from children is being collected.
  • Request A Certification  

Benefits Of Getting Certified


The padlock symbol makes it clear to kids and parents that your site or app are 100% safe for kids and appropriate.


We can help guide you into making your site or app kid-safe and appropriate.

Proud To Be Safe

You'll be proud to own a safe website or app. The certified padlock icon also looks really cool. Seriously.

Over 50 websites and apps are becoming SwiftSafe.

Here are just a few...

How It Works


You Sign Up

You sign up using the form below.


We Approve

We review all publishers that sign up to ensure their content is kid-safe and appropriate for kids.


All Done

You'll get acsess to our publisher's website and get to put the safe padlock seal on your site or app to approve you're kid-safe.